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Demonstrating strong expertise in the operating room, from anaesthesia to spinal surgery and beyond, our virtual workspace simulates true-to-life surgical training procedures with real impact.

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Created by science and medical experts, to foster a new generation of experts

VirtualiSurg is backed by an award-winning advisory board of established experts in anaesthesia, spinal pathologies, intensive care and many medical specialisations.

Tried, tested and produced by our team of medical and scientific experts, our technology is the labour of love following several campaigns and extensive research, leveraging the science-backed advantages of memorisation, risk management and mastery of technical gestures.

A glimpse into our innovations:

XR Simulation – Anesthesia

XR Simulation – ENT – Epistaxis

XR Simulation – Spine surgery – TLIF – Short Version

XR Simulation – Plastic Surgery – Injections

World-class medical education made efficient and widely accessible

We cut through the noise to provide effective training that maximises your training hours with the capability to reach a much greater audience. Our virtual operating room simultaneously reaches numerous surgeons, doctors and medical students, transcending geographies at once. With the capability to deliver high quality training anywhere and anytime, our programmes provide efficient workflows that accelerate proficiency of medical training at scale. 

Boost productivity and expedite mastery through immersive workspaces, recreating the real world with real impact that counts

Train in virtual reality with the experts and achieve real impact. Our learning paradigm of the future is available now.

Our tailored training programmes are interactive, immersive and accurate, based on mastery of gestures through productive repetition, learning through errors, expert-led knowledge sharing.

An immersive operating room in true-to-life environments, created by medical experts

Our Partners