About VirtualiSurg

Creation and locations

Founded in Paris in 2017, VirtualiSurg now has an international reach, with offices and teams located in France, Brazil, Canada, Singapore and Japan. Our customers and their subsidiaries benefit from the direct support of our international presence.

Our Purpose

We endeavour to improve patient outcomes by redefining knowledge-sharing and technical mastery on a global scale.

Optimised for the next-generation of learners, our XR simulations offer personalised training and efficiency solutions, for accuracy and skills development.


We empower Healthcare Professionals to achieve to deliver quality of care and decision making through technical mastery, to boost patient trust.


Ideal for Medical Education and all professions that require technical dexterity, we cater to medical art, medical technologies, and all other specialised professions of meticulous artisanship. Constant improvements to our technology offer scalability and portability, optimised for the learning paradigm of the future.

Our values

We believe in medical technology.

Innovation in medical technology helps improve patient outcomes. Innovations can sometimes bring complexity, making mastery difficult. However, these innovations must remain accessible in all countries and quickly be used in the medical field worldwide. We act so that medical technologies find their best place: Close to patients.

We are fast.

Our industry relies on innovation and new technologies. We believe that speed is a necessary condition for our success. To achieve speed, we are willing to make the necessary compromises, choosing to be efficient and sufficient at the same time. We never lose sight of the essential objectives. We know how to mobilise our energy and avoid dispersion. Our working method is agile and our decisions are rapid, but always clear and informed.

We are committed.

We only work on projects that are important to us. We endeavour to use XR technologies to contribute to the well-being of Humanity. Contributing to saving lives by offering ethical and effective training: This is what motivates us every day. We believe that our work is a reflection of who we are, so we give our best and work hard to overcome obstacles in order to reach our full potential.

We innovate in research.

We move forward by questioning, doubting and double checking our past choices. For us, nothing is ever definitive or acquired. Our work method is based on scientific approaches. We prototype, we test, we prove and then we implement. Our XR technologies are constantly evolving. Solving technological problems to serve medical training is our daily challenge.

We care about sustainability.

We constantly work to improve the quality of the worldwide medical field using virtual reality training and to reduce animal testing and cadavers. We advocate ethical medical training and  higher respect for Nature. We envision a sustainable growth of XR technologies in technologically developing countries and in countries with high demographic growth.

Create the Medical Metaverse with us.

Our partners