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Meta-Learning Platform for Medicine

We design scalable XR platforms & simulators for medical education. 

A revolutionary medical training and assessment platform

VirtualiSurg provides healthcare professionals and medical equipment companies with immersive and haptic solutions for learning new medical procedures and using new medical technologies. Our solutions are adapted to both training junior doctors, and for continuing medical education of more experienced health professionals.


Life-like medical training thanks to virtual reality

  • Immerse yourself in a realistic virtual operating environment
  • Learn to use new medical technologies and drive quick adoption
  • Master oftentimes complex medical procedures
  • Develop skills required for medical certification
  • Learn about medical complications without risk
  • Train autonomously with a Virtual Smart Mentor

Enhanced learning performance with realistic force feedback

  • Real-time connection using medical instruments physically and virtually
  • Benefit from a precise force feedback comparable to anatomical reality
  • Acquire accurate technical gestures with the required proficiency
  • Train efficiently for minimally invasive and meticulous procedures
  • Unique combination of XR technologies protected by an international patent portfolio
  • Respect for user ergonomics

Create the virtual medical cockpit of tomorrow

Our solutions are intuitive and easy to use. For each procedure, we offer multiple mode access.

Schéma  |  Standalone headset + XR simulator  |  Analytics dashboard

Powerful and accurate skills assessment

  • Benefit from a powerful, objective and automated data evaluation & analysis system
  • Monitor your own performance and progress autonomously
  • Profit from the power of machine learning to personalize your education 
  • Share your data & feedback within the user community using Social Learning
  • Improve your skills thanks to highly relevant evaluation metrics determined by experts
  • Take advantage  from protection and security of individual user’s data
  • Integrate data with existing training devices (LMS)

Unlimited group learning anywhere & anytime

  • Educate an unlimited number of learners simultaneously, in person or remotely
  • Collaborate remotely with different users and peers
  • Train anywhere, anytime, at your own pace
  • Assist clients or partners in solving medical problems
  • Deploy your training programs rapidly and efficiently
  • Reduce thousands of kilometers in travel and additional costs


Your easy to use meta-learning platform

  • Train methodically alone or with others
  • Transport your VR and haptic equipment effortlessly
  • Benefit from our intuitive tutorials to install your simulator independently
  • Train again and again, like top professionals
  • Easy to change medical instruments using plug and play system
  • Guaranteed compatibility with all VR headsets: standalone headsets like Lynx, Oculus Quest 2, Pico; or non-standalone headsets like HP Reverb 2


Customised experience for all your workforce & training needs.