Next generation medical and surgical simulation

Our solutions

3d rendering of virtual human in VR headset on futuristic technology and programming languages background represent virtual reality technology .

VirtualiSurg designs and supplies state-of-the-art simulators for surgery, medical technologies and other advanced applications.

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VirtualiSurg responds to the specific needs of Medtech, universities and other institutions, which are engaged in the transformation of digital learning.

Our purpose

According to its long-standing experience in education science and health innovation, VirtualiSurg offers immersive, interactive and adaptive training in virtual reality.

The uniqueness of our solution is guaranteed by integrating the expertise of three domains : Medicine, Technology and Education.

Our learning journey

VirtualiSurg's learning steps

At VirtualSurg we design solutions based on two principles:
Learning by doing
Adaptive learning

Scientific approach

Our solution is based on the learning pyramid, developed by Maine University, which demonstrates that virtual reality is the best medium to improve the retention rate.

Our methodology

We produce immersive training solutions
with intuitive design and advanced assessment modules.  


Our scope of technologies

At VirtualiSurg, we adapt our technological solutions to your educational goals.
AI combined with VR gives us the opportunity to assess trainee’s performance
to « the state of the art » medical 

A wide range of solutions based on XR and AI

Artificial intelligence making possible new computer technologies and businesses

Artificial Intelligence

Doctor in a surgical room with virtual reality glasses on the background of the real operation. Modern technologies

Virtual Reality


Augmented Reality

Mixed Reality

Mixed Reality

VirtualiSurg selects for you the most advanced technologies
for an optimized benefit-cost ratio.

Our company


Influenced by flight simulators, surgeons & medical doctors also need appropriate simulators to experiment new technics, to deliver best quality of care and to improve safety.

Pilots at work


We build advanced training solutions to ensure the transmission of knowledge in a relevant, scalable and economical manner.

Our vision

Expertise needs to be carefully transmitted to fertilize tomorrow's inspiration

Our team

VirtualiSurg was founded in 2017 by Nicolas Mignan, Pr. Patrick Pessaux, MD and Pierre Tapie.

Our team aim is to become a leading reference in surgical and medical training. The VirtualiSurg’s strategy is based on innovation, a diversified network of medical experts, a global commercial development and the design of new functionalities in accordance with the needs of our customers.

Elen Collaço

Elen Collaço, PhD
Chief Technical Officer

Nicolas Mignan

Nicolas Mignan
Chief Executive Officer

Anna Muller

Anna Muller Queiroz, PhD
Chief Learning Officer

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