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Nicolas Mignan, Co-founder

Our story

Passionate about technological innovations applied to education and medicine, Nicolas Mignan, Pr. Patrick Pessaux and Pierre Tapie are pooling their strengths and energies to create a new generation of medical and surgical training simulators. 

Medical safety is the main objective of VirtualiSurg. The combination of cutting-edge technologies is only a tool to accomplish an educational purpose. VirtualiSurg is a deep IP company that wants to meet the need for global training.

Pierre Tapie, Co-founder
Pr. Patrick Pessaux, Co-founder

Our solutions

3d rendering of virtual human in VR headset on futuristic technology and programming languages background represent virtual reality technology .

VirtualiSurg designs and supplies state-of-the-art simulators for surgery, medical technologies and other advanced applications.

Digital cloud industry 4.0 integration concept. Man touched clou

VirtualiSurg responds to the specific needs of Medtech, universities and other institutions, which are engaged in the transformation of digital learning.

Discover VirtualiSurg through a series of interviews with one of the co-founders

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Our Mission

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Our Ambition

Our purpose

According to its long-standing experience in education science and health innovation, VirtualiSurg offers immersive, interactive and adaptive training in virtual reality.

The uniqueness of our solution is guaranteed by integrating the expertise of : medicine, immersive and haptic technologies, education and machine learning.

Our scope of technologies

At VirtualiSurg, we adapt our technological solutions to your educational goals. We combined XR, Haptic technologies & Artificial Intelligence to improve trainee’s performance. Our simulator are designed according to « the state of the art » medical practice. 

A wide range of solutions based on XR and AI

Artificial intelligence making possible new computer technologies and businesses

Artificial Intelligence

Doctor in a surgical room with virtual reality glasses on the background of the real operation. Modern technologies

Virtual Reality


Mixed Reality

Haptic Technology

Haptic technology

VirtualiSurg selects for you the most advanced technologies
for an optimized benefit-cost ratio.

Our mission

Influenced by flight simulators, surgeons & medical doctors also need appropriate simulators to experiment new technics, to deliver best quality of care and to improve safety. Our mission is to create solutions that revolutionize education, skills acquisition, practice. Our platforms are dedicated to surgeons, sales teams, hospitals staff. VirtualiSurg wants to become a market leader medical education delivering multimodal simulation and education. Our Target is to permit training: Anywhere, Anytime. VirtualiSurg wants to achieved educational accreditation from leading medical institutions.
Pilots at work

Our vision

Expertise needs to be carefully transmitted to fertilize tomorrow's inspiration

Our team

Our team aim is to become a leading reference in surgical and medical training. The VirtualiSurg’s strategy is based on innovation, a diversified network of medical experts, a global commercial development and the design of new functionalities in accordance with the needs of our customers.
Elen Collaço

Elen Collaço, PhD

Nicolas Mignan

Nicolas Mignan
Co-founder & CEO

Anna Muller

Anna Muller Queiroz, PhD
Chief Learning Officer

Tom Lorent Bourdo

Tom Lorent Bourdo
Hardware Engineer

Clément Barbisan

Clément Barbisan
Software Engineer
& VR Developer

Andre Montes Rodrigues

Andre Montes, PhD
UI/UX Designer

Mathieu Strzykala

Mathieu Strzykala
3D Artist

Jean-Philippe Chevalier-Lancioni

Jean-Philippe Chevalier-Lancioni
Software Engineer,
VR Developer & Designer

Alexandre Youakim

Alexandre Youakim
3D Artist

Fatima El Zahraa Wehbi

Fatima Wehbi
Data Engineer

Renan de Araugo Alves

Renan Alves
Software & Hardware Engineer

Lucas Sallaberry

Lucas Sallaberry
Data Scientist

Marion Cayla-Faure 1

Marion Cayla-Faure
Software Engineer
& VR Developer


Fabiano Garcia, PhD
Software Engineer
& VR Developer

Stephanie Bastid

Stéphanie Bastid
Communication & Marketing

Marielle Jaillet

Marielle Jaillet
Finance & HR

Olivier Fontaine

Olivier Fontaine
Corporate Development
& Operations

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  191-195 Avenue Charles de Gaulle
  92200 Neuilly-sur-Seine

About Us

VirtualiSurg is a french start up specialized in the development of tailor medical & surgical simulators integrating the use of medical devices